Rogers caught the sound bug and started recording music after receiving a 4-track cassette recorder from his parents when he was 16.  He began his professional music career as a guitarist in the US Army Band after high school, graduated from the Military School of Music, and returned to college once his tour of duty was complete.  In 1995 he earned a BA in Music with a concentration in Electro-Acoustics from San Jose State University in San Jose, CA and has been producing full-time ever since.

Rogers has been an in-demand producer and mixer for many independent and signed artist, within a wide spectrum of genres.  His work has taken him from Los Angeles to New York, from London to Copenhagen, and has included an eclectic group of artist from Marilyn Manson to The Mavericks. 

He believes music is about human interaction, and the art of making music thrives on this. 

On the iPod right now:

The Cure

Little Feat

Rage Against the Machine

Otis Redding

The Foo Fighters

The Who

Lucinda Williams